Lili Janca is a freelance visual artist, graphic and motion designer, self-taught stick n' poke tattoo artist studying Intermedia (MA) at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

Lili did visuals at events hosted by Sziget Festival, Budapest Park, Toldi Klub, Tesla Budapest, worked with several fashion designers like Paulovics Dóra Ivonn, Anna Tonkol and collaborated with kinoschwarz. She was a graphic designer for companies like Sylvania, Pizzica, BE DFFRNT and Gergely Gajdos. Besides working as an artist, Lili is a private graphic teacher.

Her art skills and software expertise are:
graphic design
fine art
analog photography and developing
video editing and motion design
3D sculpting, modeling and animation
mixed media

3Ds Max
Final Cut Pro
Motion 5

Ps, Ai, Id, Pr